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Executive Director Job

Our primary mission at Wakulla Senior Citizens Council, Inc.(WSCC or Board of Directors) is to enable seniors to age in a friendly and secure environment to prevent premature admission to nursing homes or other institutions. We also strive to improve the quality of life for seniors and their caretakers. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of seniors in an environment that is comforting and warm, while fostering their independence.  Our staff and volunteers are a friendly face, knowledgeable ear and strong arm for seniors throughout the area. For active seniors, we provide an avenue to stay engaged in the community through volunteering placement. We are also our counties definitive source of accurate information on aging issues, services and programs affecting seniors and we actively advocate for seniors to fulfill unmet needs in our community. We serve all of Wakulla’s seniors, and many citizens, with services including: In-home Care Management; a Before/After School Program; Wakulla Transportation; Senior assisted living at Wakulla Trace Apartments; Home-Style Lunches; and Community Social Events.

Executive Director Job Description


Five years of related work experience with a minimum of 2 years work experience in administration and management Will be favorably considered. Experience in social work, business management, finance, health, social sciences, or nutrition is preferred.

The Executive Director will be responsible for assisting in the drafting and execution of both the strategic and operational plans for the Center. These plans will include, but are not limited to: providing primary executive leadership for all programmatic, financial, budgetary, and staff training and development matters. The Executive Director will be responsible for maintaining and building on the organization's programmatic success; Working with the Board of Directors to develop a philanthropic support base; and enhancing morale through effective recruiting and retention of highly motivated employees and volunteers. Foster a close working relationship with the Area Agency On Aging For North Florida, INC. Categorical responsibilities include:


  • Inspiring trust and confidence by effectively articulating the WSCC vision and attracting others to help implement the vision

  • Managing and overseeing various organizational projects and programs that are implemented.

  • Providing overall leadership that addresses the full range of organizational development responsibilities

  • Working with managers, supervisors and staff from each department to solve problems and to improve processes and services.

  • Evaluating progress of the planned outcomes and the strategic plan to grow organizational capacity and connect daily work with the vision and mission of the organization.

  • Investing in training and development to foster genuine teamwork, effective communication skills, and high levels of productivity

  • Addressing any legal issues with WSCC counsel and informing the board accordingly.


  • Work with the Board of Directors to support fundraising efforts and coordinating special finance campaigns.

  • Meeting with donors and corporate supporters to seek financial donations.

  • Establishing a targeted private funding goal, creating a recognition system to honor donors, and aligning the fundraising goal with budgetary needs of the organization.

  • Participate in the fundraising activities for WSCC which includes helping plan appropriate strategies with the Board of Directors, as well as implementation and adherence to various program regulations.

  • Submitting budget recommendations to the Board of Directors annually and ensuring the organization’s staff abides with the budget that is approved by the board members.

  • Understanding the regulations/rules for all funding sources (grant, county, State & Federal) and ensuring all record keeping and documentation adheres to those funding requirements.

  • Manage the annual Audit requirements for the various grant programs and Board of Directors audit.




  • Maintaining a positive and professional image, as WSCC’s reputation plays a crucial role in properly maintaining and managing individuals as well as businesses that contribute positively to the WSCC organization.

  • Enhancing the WSCC image in the community and being involved in the community.

  • Taking a leadership role in recruiting and maintaining volunteers for WSCC’s various programs.


Board Communication

  • Working with the Board of Directors to set short and long – term organizational goals through semi-annual strategic plan updates. Goals should include community outreach, organizational capacity, fundraising and capital improvements.

  • Assisting in the development of the agenda for Board meetings.

  • Provide financial reporting, personnel updates, community outreach and progress reports from each program manager.

  • Reviewing the WSCC work plan and conducting annual employee evaluations.

  • Maintaining open communication with the organization’s board of directors; informing board members regarding any significant changes in the organization’s status and advising members on the most preferred resolutions and strategies to meet their goals and objectives.

Contact WCSC About Executive Director Opening

Submit resume, desired salary and cover letter by March 15, 2023 to the attention of Sandi McDaniel, Executive Director - Wakulla Senior Citizens Council, Inc.


Resume submissions will be held in the strictest of confidence. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Phone Number: (850) 926-7145




Sandi McDaniel, Executive Director

Wakulla Senior Citizens Council, Inc.

33 Michael Drive

Crawfordville, FL 32327

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